10. Turkey

Whatever surprising as it may sound, Turkey is one of the most popular in the world. There are many well-trained and experienced doctors, medical staff speaks English, and the medical system is well known for welcoming tourists. In addition, any medical technology and facilities meet strict quality standards set by the Turkish government.

Procedures commonly sought: Cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, eye surgeries.

9. Thailand

One of the most popular tourist destinations and cheap in the world is also a famous destination for health tourism.

Thailand boasts of having the largest private hospital in Asia - Bumrungrad International - and also to be the first Asian country to have obtained the prestigious JCI accreditation 2002. Health professionals are well trained and experienced, Thailand has now grown to become one of the most sought after not only by Asian tourists but also by those countries of the Middle East, Europe and the United States .

Procedures commonly Categories: cosmetic surgery, organ transplants, heart and orthopedic treatments, dental offices, and mental therapies.

8. South Korea

In 2009, CNN listed South Korea among the "destinations in order for medical tourism." This year, the country received about 60 000 medical tourists, and the number rose 20 000 in the following year. Now, the South Korean Ministry of Health has estimated that the number will increase to 300.000 2015 from here. In addition to the health facilities at the forefront of technology, the country also boasts of having built information centers for medical tourists that guide health institutions concerned.

Procedures commonly sought: spinal surgery, cancer screening and treatment, cosmetic surgeries, and herbal medicine.

7. Singapore

The World Health Organization has ranked Singapore's health care system as the best in all of Asia, and the sixth in the world. With tens of JCI accredited hospitals and health centers throughout the country, Singapore attracts travelers health not only of its neighboring countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, but also from the United States and United Kingdom, because of its affordable medical services in a clean and hygienic cosmopolitan environment.

Procedures commonly sought: cardiac care, occupational therapy, neurological surgery, and stem cell therapy.

6. Mexico

Medical tourists travel from all over the world in Mexico, famous not only for its dental and plastic surgeries cheap, but also for alternative medicine. Mexico also has a geographical advantage: its proximity to the US has made it a popular destination for US travelers, especially those living near the Mexican border in the US states of California, Arizona and Texas.

Procedures commonly sought: chemotherapy, alternative cancer treatments, plastic surgery, and bariatric procedures.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia is quite similar to Singapore in terms of medical equipment. Originality is the incredibly low cost of some of the more specialized medical tests. Created in 2009 by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, a Board of Health must develop medical tourism in Malaysia and promote the country as a hub of health.

Diagnostic methods commonly sought: analysis of bone density, chest X-ray, and various blood tests.

4. India

Known worldwide as a paradise for tourists and gourmets, India boasts of a thriving medical tourism industry, estimated to grow at a rate of 30% per year. Many of the largest private hospitals offer high-end complex medical procedures and operations at a fraction of the cost of similar procedures in Europe and America. The influx of medical tourists is increasing in India, with more and more Americans, Canadians and Europeans who choose this destination.

Procedures commonly sought: cardiac procedures and orthopedic procedures, Ayurveda.

3. Hungary

People around the world for its style and updated baths and spas Hungary is also the center of dentistry and dental care. The country boasts of having the largest number of dentists per capita in the world. This trend can be observed not only in major cities such as Budapest, but also in small towns, sparsely populated as Mosonmagyarovar. Many citizens of the European Union (and beyond), a tributary of Hungary every year to find treatments and dental cheap.

Procedures commonly sought: oral surgery and cosmetic implants.

2. Costa Rica

This ecological jewel of Central America also makes the list of most sought after medical tourism destinations. Many specialists, surgeons and cosmetic dentists board certified ... this tropical paradise attracts millions of international tourists every year, at least 15% of them take advantage of the medical services of health and the country. Moreover, its proximity to the United States also one of the 5 first medical tourism destinations for US citizens.

Procedures commonly sought: cosmetic surgery and dental care.

1. Brazil

If you think Brazil is just on beaches and carnivals, it's time to do a little more homework. Interestingly, this South American gem has the largest number of practicing plastic surgeons per capita in the world, and it is needless to say that Brazil is much cheaper than the US and Europe. Many medical tourists are often seen visiting the small towns of the country, such as Santos and Porto Alegre, where the cost of medical facilities are still lower compared to the most important tourist centers such as Sao Paulo, etc.

Procedures commonly sought: Facelifts, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many other countries that offer excellent medical facilities and cheaper treatments than those offered in some developed countries. However, it should be noted that it is important to look beyond expenses. It makes more sense to look at the big picture, and learn properly on the accreditation of the hospital and affiliations of education of the physician / surgeon. Remember that money is certainly important, but security should not be ignored ...

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