Hungary is one of the leading countries in European medical tourism. It would have hosted last year more 70 000 foreign patients, making it the world capital of dental tourism.

It is renowned for its dentistry services of superior quality (dental implants, dental crowns, orthodontics, etc.). The quality and training of Hungarian dentists is equivalent to European standards and the United States, but at a much lower cost. In fact, prices are so much more attractive than you can afford to take a plane to undergo dental treatment, enjoy the city and its various attractions during your treatment and save even average 50% compared price quotes French dentists.

For decades, Swiss, Austrian, German and English mainly seek treatment teeth in Hungary because the service is excellent and really low rates. There are even villages on the border with Austria, where many dental clinics have installed!


The basic dental care

The majority of Hungarian only visit a dentist in an emergency or excruciating pain, and most of them have not seen a dentist in years. The situation remains the same, despite the fact that social security not only covers emergency dental treatments, but annual screening, treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, as well as prevention and treatment of gum disease.

This is in sharp contrast to the European market for dental treatment where there is clearly a boom in demand for care. More and more citizens of EU member countries are left without dental care reimbursed by the state and private dental services are extremely expensive; seek the services of a Hungarian dentist often becomes their only solution. The reason for this is that in most other countries of the EU, basic dental care is at least twice as expensive in Hungary, and the difference is even higher in the case of cosmetic dentistry and replacement tooth, the prices are astronomical.

Another good reason for his dental care in Hungary is the Hungarian dentists offer an exceptional quality of service and are highly sought after by foreign dental laboratories, thanks to the excellent training they receive in Hungarian universities. Hungarian dental laboratories are equipped with cutting edge technology, comparable to that of the most expensive clinics in Western Europe. Doctors and their assistants also have good foreign language skills.

Dental centers in Budapest and the Hungarian countryside offer a welcoming and friendly environment.

All clinics offer a warranty for all replacements of teeth and aesthetic treatments.

There are more and more wellness centers in Hungary that have a dental clinic ... and vice versa! Many tourists come to Hungary for dental treatment while enjoying their stay to rest. There are many health and beauty treatments available in Hungary, other than dental.


Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is experiencing very strong growth in Hungary - everyone would like to have the smile of a Hollywood star! With technology and dental materials more and more modern, a dazzling smile is no longer the privilege of the actors, singers and politicians.

Not only your teeth will be healthy but they will be very beautiful.

The bleaching may be performed after removal of calculus and other preparations, the surface of the tooth can be bleached by two or three shades of white. There are some techniques for this treatment, the common point of these treatments is that the active substance penetrates the inner layer of the tooth, and dissolves coloring matter such as cigarette smoke, tea, coffee and red wine. After treatment, the patient receives a more youthful appearance and healthy, white teeth.

If the teeth whitening does not produce the expected results, the solution is a ceramic crown, which is also used for broken teeth or irregularly grown. In this case, they use a thin layer of porcelain, to cover the tooth imperfections.

The implantation of dental jewelry is popular with young people. Stars of American rap started the trend by wearing gold, platinum or crystalline dental jewelry, and nowadays many young extravagant followed, making their smile more attractive by having a place of stone dentist valuable on their front teeth. No special treatment is necessary for the preparation, the jewel is fixed on the tooth by an adhesive material, which does not affect the enamel. It is also easy to remove or replace if it is not a permanent decision to wear dental jewelry.

In Hungary today, all cosmetic dental treatments are available, such as physicians are highly trained and they use the latest dental technology, so the possibilities are limited only by how much money patients can pass on their dental health.


The dental implants

Lost teeth can be replaced by implants. Dental implantology is a modern treatment, which has become a common practice in the Hungarian dental laboratories: there are more than 200 clinics where dental implants are made.

Dental implants are false roots that are inserted in place of the missing teeth. There are hundreds of types of implants, but the screw implants are the most common. Dental implants which the human body easily admits are made of titanium links Natrium, water, chloride, calcium and phosphate molecules, as well as proteins, such that the protein structure of the bone tissue can bind it more later. Dental implants in Hungary are famous. Tens of thousands of teeth have been implanted successful in recent years.

Losing our teeth causes severe trauma. Prostheses and crowns, which can be removed, can make you feel uncomfortable and do not give you too good-looking. It was then that the implants can be a good solution, they offer the possibility to replace any type of missing tooth.

Before the implant surgery is performed, a rigorous diagnostic examination is necessary. Is studied by X-ray, among other things, the anatomical properties of the individual. The height and thickness of the patient's bones are important for the success of the operation.

The replacement of a tooth is not greater trauma than the extraction of a tooth. The operation is painless, removed by local anesthesia. When multiple roots are inserted, dentists sometimes use narcosis. After the operation, one may experience some minor pain and swelling, which can be treated with medication. The oral hygiene is very important after surgery, although the connection implant well with the bone, their connection with the gum is lower. As long as the patient observes the general rules of oral hygiene, the implanted tooth will function properly for a long time, it can even last the life of the patient.

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