Judit Agocs, head of French patients of the dental clinic Dent HQ in Hungary (Budapest)

  • Hello, how's your name and what is your role within the clinic?

My name is Judit Agocs I am responsible dental care of our French customers 


  • Could you introduce your clinic in a few words ...

Our clinic has been in 2009 and is part of an exclusive private clinic, in a privileged area of ​​Budapest. We expect our patients m200 2, 5 with care firms. In a conditioned space, spacious premises welcome our customers with qualified staff and an appropriate setting to relax.
The name of the Dental Clinic H (igh) Q (uality) Dent synonymous with high quality and professional expertise at affordable prices to our patients from any country.


How many practitioners working there?

 We 8 practitioners, each area has its specialist / conservative dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, implantology, orthodontics, etc.

Are you speaking languages ​​other than French?

 Yes, some practitioners fluent in English and German too.

Has it vis-à-vis other special clinics instead?

 Yes, we are a small company, there is not a lot of people jostling in the hallways, we take care of a single foreign patient has time to avoid delays in the schedule mentioned above. We also ensure that our dentists has continually involved in high level training, and international conferences to renew their technical expertise and know new technologies, advanced materials and instruments.


  • What defines for a good dental clinic?

Personal empowerment, followed by qualified staff and of courseno compromise on quality: Committed responsibility that our practitioners, technicians and employees continuously follow specialized training and thus ensure to make every effort to ensure that the quality of care and medical procedures can not be compromised.


  • What defines a good patient for you?

We do everything to find and to offer the best possible solution to our customers so that they leave satisfied. We do not have a "good customer".


  • Do you offer solutions "flight + hotel + treatments"?

 We do not handle flight reservations, but helping patients find the best deals.


  • Do you also offer to transport your patients? (on arrival at the airport in their home to and from their consultations, for their departure ...)

 Yes, we provide airport-accommodation-clinical transfers without limit!


  • With what dental implant brands do you work? In some advise you in particular?

 Cortex Implant, Zimmer, Alpha-Bio, Nobel Replace

 We strongly adviseZimmer implants465 euros to our current clinic:see more info http://www.zimmerdental.fr/fr/

 The company Zimmer Dental was founded in 1927 and offers the most complete line of dental products market. Zimmer Dental Society which is part of the market leaders of dental implants, and offers very high quality products that benefit from the latest technological developments for a perfect result. The company indeed offers a complete range a large catalog of dental implants, but also préimplantaire surgical products. These competencies enable it to offer innovative products that stand out clearly the solutions found in other brands of dental implants.

The company Zimmer Dental also offers all the guarantees necessary safety since its products all enjoy feedback on clinical trials of long duration. It also offers full support for its partners to offer patients the best possible service.


  • Discourage you certain materials or brands in general?

 We do not recommend to accept the use of materials from unknown, without a certificate. Our purchasing policy of raw materials is very strict. We only buy and use only standardized CE products, known to all.


  • Why are your rates so low compared to countries of your foreign patients?

 No compromise with quality, dental care is less expensive because everything is cheaper in Hungary: rental spaces, the average monthly salary of a dentist and other personnel expenses, advertising costs and administrative costs .


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