Jean-François Empain Helvetic Clinics

Hello, how's your name and what is your role within the clinic?

My name is Jean-François Empain, lives in Switzerland and I am founding partner Helvetic Clinics.

Could you introduce your clinic in a few words ...

Why is it called so?

We chose the name Helvetic Clinics for several reasons: first of all the founding partners are Swiss or resident in Switzerland; secondly dental medical protocols are developed according to Swiss standards, organization of the stay, everything revolves around the well-being of the patient, is organized from the Swiss teams and, finally, the guarantees given by the Helvetic clinics Clinics are granted by our teams in Switzerland and not in the country of care, in other words, is in Geneva that the patient should contact in case of any problem and what are the associated clinical with dental leaders who will find solutions, not just dentists in Budapest.

Since when does it exist?

The clinic exists since 2008 Helvetic Clinics and as such, certified ISO 9001, 2012 existed since.

How many practitioners working there?

We 7 7 dental specialists and dental assistants. The laboratory consists of 15 technicians and finally, the support staff including coordinators, drivers and receptionists comprises 15 people. So it is about fifty people in all who serve patients in the immeuble12 Revay in Budapest.

Are you speaking languages ​​other than French?

Of course, our staff speak English, French, German, Danish and Norwegian; each patient is received and accompanied him in his mother tongue throughout their dental care.

Has it vis-à-vis other special clinics instead?

The special features are numerous: in addition to its guarantees, its ultra modern facilities and the expertise of its specialists, Helvetic Clinics is also the only dental clinic in Budapest which shares the same building with his dental laboratory and the hotel where usually house the patients. Patient comfort and efficiency of care and are thereby increased.

What defines for a good dental clinic? (Operation monitoring, location, technology equipment, qualified staff)

There are too many factors to list what defines a good dental clinic, for cons I can enumerate some factors that are unacceptable for me: the lack of guarantees or inaccurate guarantees, use of materials and technologies unrecognized and "Low Cost" at all costs, to name a few.

What defines a good patient for you?

We have no "good or ill patients." With the Internet, some patients may tend to make themselves think they know their diagnosis and what care they need. In our dental clinics, each of our specialists take the time to explain to patients the best solution for their particular case. We always will prefer not to perform some care we ask the patient if we do not think they are appropriate. This is why we can engage with such guarantees

Do you offer solutions "Flight + Hotel + treatments"?

The patient is responsible for transportation to Budapest, once there it will be fully supported by our teams from the airport to his return.

With what dental implant brands do you work? In some advise you in particular?

Our patients are guinea pigs, so we do not work with brands of dental implants that do not have yet been proven. However, we work with virtually all brands of recognized implants. For reasons of cost reduction for the patient, we try to focus our purchases or 2 3 brands of dental implants among the major brands.

Discourage you certain materials or brands in general?

At Helvetic Clinics we only work with global brands that are leaders in their industry. Again it comes to medicine and health!

Why are your rates so low compared to countries of your foreign patients? (is that a compromise with the quality, etc.)

Aurelian you visited our dental clinic and have seen the various comments left by our patients on your site Kelclinic. Do you think for a moment that we would compromise on quality? Have you ever seen on our site a summer discount on crowns, or a discount of EUR 100 as some of our colleagues? No, our competitive prices mainly from the cost of local life: wages, rents, charges, and economies of scale in certain products or materials (implants) related to the discounts we grant our suppliers given our volume increasing purchasing.

You remember in particular patients? If so, why? (Successful difficult cases, harmony, big saving)

Do we remember all our patients. These francophones, French, Swiss and Belgian patients, it is usually the Swiss patients who are the largest economy because dental care there are even more expensive than in other European countries.

Do you have a story to share?

We have hundreds of anecdotes, I leave you the leisure to read the testimonies of some of our patients in video:

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