As if the alarm CNSD Polandbecame the No. 2 destination in Europe for dental care. The promotional campaign of the Ministry of Economy entitled "Promotion of Polish economy on international markets" in full swing in Germany, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Russia and even the States STATES.

10 reasons to visit Poland to heal:


A professional medical staff

More important than the best medical facilities in themselves, doctors and nurses from Poland are world-renowned experts in many fields of medicine. They are members of international scientific associations and university teachers in the best schools. Many of their doctors amélioret qualifications in prestigious European schools and North America.

Innovative treatments

Polish medical facilities create a complete system with a focus on providing innovative and high quality services for patients around the world. The offer of the best clinics in Poland includes: Gamma Knife for treatment of non-invasive brain tumor, HIFU approach in the treatment of prostate cancer, VEDI (Vascular Intervention erectile dysfunction) - the latest method of treatment of disorders erection, TAVR - specialized treatment of a heart valve and many others.

High quality - low costs

Any medical procedure performed in a Polish medical facility meets international standards and offers high quality, while reducing costs for patients. Many medical procedures in Poland are still 80% cheaper than in other medical facilities worldwide.

Comprehensive care

The team of doctors is in constant contact with the patient, starting with the choice of treatment and throughout the stay in Poland and after his / her return. A professional approach is also visible in the organization of the stay of a patient in Poland. The players in the medical tourism market provide comprehensive services for a patient and his partner, from the first telephone contact, through the hotel reservation, booking airline tickets, arranging transport with accompanying speaking the language of the patient and other additional services.

Modern medical equipment to international standards

The best Polish plants have modern medical equipment and offer comfortable conditions of hospitalization. They follow all the EU standards and guarantee the safety and quality of medical services.

Attractive tourist offer

Poland is an interesting country for tourists, with its rich culture and history. Many rehabilitation centers and SPA are located in the most beautiful places of the country, close to scenic parks in the mountains or beside the sea. During the treatment, you can get to know the country, which is a cocktail nature and innovative economy.

Thousands of patients have already done

Thousands of foreigners, corporate and individual clients have successfully experimented with the assistance and the availability of medical services: German, English, Scandinavian ...

Experience in the management of stay for patients

The best Polish medical facilities have extensive experience with patients from abroad. The organization of the stay of a patient is supported by specialized intermediaries operating on the Polish medical tourism market. If a patient wants additional services, all he / she needs to do is ask their staff coordinator.

Short waiting times for medical treatment

In the best Polish medical facilities you do not have to wait long for a medical service.

Rich natural resources

Patients are encouraged to take advantage of natural resources in health centers conveniently located. These facilities are modern and equipped with professional equipment and infrastructure of a hotel. The "Wieliczka" Salt Mine offers a unique treatment program of respiratory diseases, based on the best models of modern medicine, using the natural microclimate of underground salt chambers, which is impossible to recreate over off the ground.

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