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20 April 2015
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Beyaz Karanfil Sk 27, Levent Mh., 34330 Istanbul, Turkey
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(+ 90) 212 280 08 00


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Staff hygiene and cleanliness
Are you satisfied with the clinical state of cleanliness? The instruments were spotlessly hygiene? Do doctors were taking proper hygienic precautions? (clothing outfit, hand, etc.)
Organization (living, planning of care ...)
Are you satisfied with the overall organization of your treatment, your stay, planning, etc?
Polite and patient communication
Are you satisfied with how your questions been answered? Are you satisfied with the explanations given about your treatment?
Quality care and modern facilities
Are you happy with your hair transplant? Are the modern clinical facilities?
Price / quality ratio
Are you satisfied with the price paid for your hair transplant?
Details of the graft
Sie werden in der Lage, Medien hochzuladen, nachdem Sie uns Ihre Beurteilung abgegeben haben.