1 - Do your homework.

Anyone traveling outside of the country for treatment must do some research. Check the qualifications of the dentist who will treat you and make sure he or she is properly registered. The Review of patients on Kelclinic.com is a good way to learn too. For more tips on how to do your research if you are considering a treatment abroad, look20 questions for a dentist of a foreign country.

2 - Have a consultation with a qualified dentist

You should always be evaluated by a qualified dentist before receiving a treatment plan and a dental quotation.

3 - Talk to your own dentist

We also advise you to talk about your own dentist because they may be able to offer advice based on your dental history. Your dentist should also be aware of your plans in case of complications.

4 - Think of your follow

Make sure you have the appropriate documentation in French about your care if you need a follow-up treatment once at home.

5 - Do not underestimate the difficulties of communication

Think about how you might deal with a potential language barrier. There may also be cultural differences.
Indeed, you can feel more vulnerable in an environment that is not familiar, especially if you can not easily ask questions.

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