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January 31, 2017
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I have just returned to Belgium following the 1er week of my treatment and I can say that everything went very well without any worries.
From the pick-up at the airport by a very friendly and helpful driver who gives you a small card with your 1er rdv and then drops you off at Helvetic Clinics and then accompanies you to the Reception to be welcomed by the staff Super attentive as soon as you arrive which gives you explanations and answers to your questions all in a "Zen" atmosphere which puts you directly at ease and confident for the treatment to be carried out.
About me, the 1er phase of treatment was to treat 5 roots before any reconstructions, to proceed with the extraction of 2 teeth with curetage, scaling and laying of 2 temporary protons.
All these interventions went very smoothly without any pain during and after these.
For the rest of my treatment, it is planned to make a Sinus Lift, 1 Gum Graft, Laying Implants, Zirconia Crown, and finally, 2 Facettes in E-Max.
I can only praise myself for having made the right choice by choosing Helvetic Clinics and I recommend without any "moderation" to anyone who has made the decision to regain the smile of their "20 years" to contact as soon as possible with This splendid ultra modern clinic so as to avoid wasting their time and money to run to other heavens.
My next appointment is already scheduled for September and I am already waiting for it to finally, at the end of treatment, I also can find the smile of my 20 years !!
You'll understand, Helvetic Clinics, it's "The place to be"

See you soon for further comments following the 2th phase of my treatment in Sept.

Didier Grandjean

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