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Dr. Breier clinic "Implant-en-Hungary"
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October 20, 2012
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I made the right choice!

I wanted to share with you my experience because the decision to go to a foreign country for treatment, is not easy.
Like many of you, I first shopped in Belgium, but the treatments offered in Budapest are not only much cheaper but quality, superior.
During my 1ère visit, I went to different clinics 3, I was given a quote and my choice was easy. the clinic of Dr Breier answered all my expectations.
During my stay 1er in July 2016, Dr. Breier has made the extraction of all my top teeth, down, I kept 6 front teeth. A bone graft had to be necessary, as well as filling the sinuses. He then asked 10 implants 6 4 up and down.
And yes very large treatment!
I was fortunate to come away with a temporary prosthesis FIXED. A luxury !
During my second stay in April 2017, Dr. Breier asked my permanent prostheses.
So yes I would recommend this clinic! The reasons are:
- The perfect hygiene clinic and the whole team.
- The professionalism and honesty of Dr. Breier.
- The phone is given to us when we arrived on site in case of problems is very reassuring!
- The guarantee of always being treated by the same doctor.
- A support for our checked-out by the friendly Clement, French interpreter, which remains with us for the duration of the treatment.
Here I hope that my testimony will help you along the way.

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  • implant
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