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Dr. Breier clinic "Implant-en-Hungary"
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October 20, 2012
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Following my dental surgery, major surgery, the clinic surgeon Mr BREIER.
I contacted several dentists in France to inform me of the terms of the transaction and guarantees once it is completed.
In France, dental quotes totaled 25 thousand euros two years tracking for removable prosthesis.
I filled myself with other dental clinics to foreigners but their response was very confused.
Word of mouth, I had contacted, HUNGARY implant, the surgeon's clinical Mr. BREIER. The caller who supported me in was Mr. Clement.
During our first contact, he was able to understand my request and my fears on the oppération.J'ai provide dental panoramic X-mail. A few days later I received a very clear specifications, a comprehensive approach of the progress of both interventions and the accommodation for the stay.
The 06 / 11 / 2016 I flew to Budapest and as expected, my contact was there at the airport to welcome me.
All along the way he reassured me and put confidence in the progress of the operation.
Arriving in the city of Pilisvörösvár, my accommodation was located 30 meters from the clinic. A very clean place. The room is equipped with shower, sanitary and television.
Clement was handed a phone to always stay in touch when needed. The hostel we were treated prepare meals and good qualities. In the morning a full breakfast is provided.
The day of surgery, I had knowledge of the places and the team of Mr. BREIER which ensured taking my total support. The premises are very clean and impeccable hygiene.
I got ripped off several teeth in the lower jaw and the upper jaw and he only left a tooth to hold the temporary prosthesis. Mr. BREIER surgeon is very accurate, fast, clean, careful and professional.
I was very pleasantly surprised during his speech 2h30 because I do feel any pain. The next day, my prosthesis was ready as planned. Every day, medical care was expected to follow the postoperative evolution.
The 05 / 03 / 2017 I suffered another intervention that he asks me fixed prosthesis me.
I am happy to smile again, to open my mouth and eat and chew properly
I thank Mr. BREIER surgeon is his team. A big thank you to Clement for his commitment and a big thank you to you all.
To summarize this intervention:
-Only 9 days of treatment and twice the quality for a fixed prosthesis and a price divided by ½.

I highly recommend this clinic, a great and very professional team, the first link in the chain to the last.

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