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Dr. Breier clinic "Implant-en-Hungary"
Dentists in Hungary
October 20, 2012
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extraordinary clinic

Clinical extraordinary and dazzling team

I returned from my third trip in Hungary since 7 months and everything is wonderful.
It is a pure happiness to have been treated in this clinic by such a competent dentist, assisted by a formidable team efficiency and kindness.

Indeed, the talented Doctor Breier worked very quickly, thoroughly with remarkable accuracy.
Ask 9 implants, bone grafts to 2 in 2h30 is not within the reach of everyone.
Eva as his assistant with Dr. Breier a pair of incredible efficiency.

When Clement, man orchestra of the team, I would simply say that it is perfect in his role so it is organized, punctual, available and kind.
This is the 1 ° person with whom contact is made and I must say he has the gift of making people confident with his precise and meaningful explanations. His picture should appear on the website implant in Hungary.

To return to the treatments performed during these three visits, I would like to clarify that I have never felt pain either before, during or after the different treatments performed.

Finally the icing on the cake is to have the feeling that all these dentures have always belonged to me!

I highly recommend this clinic or you can go there with confidence.

I take advantage of my stay in Budapest in September 2017 to do the annual inspection of my teeth.

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Care received
  • bridge
  • crown
  • devitalisation-de-teeth
  • -bone graft
  • implant
  • dental prosthesis
Number of implants placed
12000 €
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