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Dr. Breier clinic "Implant-en-Hungary"
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October 20, 2012
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I came as everyone in Hungary to heavy treatment unaffordable in France. Finally after 3 stays and treatment that took place over a year in total, specifications were met but what is most surprising is that I have found here a quality of care and support that I have never met in France. Without going into all the details of the treatment, I had to redo a complete teeth of the upper jaw (12 3 crowns in total and implants) due to premature wear due to a habit of grinding your teeth even at night. In all, the treatment amounts to barely 6000 euros. I think that in France, the amount was tripled.
What reassured me initially was that the treatment plan was the same as that recommended in France by two renowned surgeons who had already asked me 4 implants in Paris: either tooth extraction and sinus lift and 4 months of waiting and implant placement, and finally crowns after yet 6 months. Yes, I know it may seem long and we would not make it go faster but it is the guarantee of a job done in workmanlike.
Doctor Breier took over personally the care from A to Z with ruthless efficiency and professionalismIn a working environment on top, equivalent to that which can be found in the best surgeons of Paris (I used the services of two, so I can compare, 3000 euros implant + crown). I also found here a perfect coordination between the Doctor Breier and dental technician. In Paris, there was the great surgeon who posed the implant but that was it. For the crown, had to look elsewhere. Activity probably not profitable enough ... And my 3 crowns, I had to redo make because the work had been done wrong.
Another advantage of this clinic is that all treatments are performed on site. For example, I had to 4 devitalized teeth, the dentist in the next room who made the best time of stay. For 5ème devitalisation, the Doctor Breier who made himself.
In short, you can go there with confidence, you will be very well looked after and the result will be at the rendezvous. No worries.
Last important point, you will constantly a young French of thirty years, a Clement, who will be fussing over you. It is a centerpiece of the system, for us French. He will be present during interventions to translate, it will make life easier in all practical aspects of your stay with extreme kindness. He will arrange for you to be reimbursed for care covered by social security and mutual. I did not really believe, but I assure you it really works, you will be refunded the same way as if your care had been made in France.
In short, this is a perfectly oiled teamwork and French dentists would do well to be inspired! This is not the low-cost is the BMW at the price of a Lada!

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