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Dr. Breier clinic "Implant-en-Hungary"
Dentists in Hungary
October 20, 2012
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Organization (living, planning of care ...)
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1 year after ...

Impossible not to share my full satisfaction with those who, perhaps, still hesitating in their choice of dental clinic and in their choice of the surgeon.
The Doctor Breier clinic "Implant in Hungary" is a great professional that is capable of a correct diagnosis, fast, perfectly proper and honest.
The Doctor Breier and his team are working very well and fast.

In August 2015, my dental situtation was dramatic. In France the protocol was announced excessively expensive and very long.
So I asked a quote to the most reputable clinics in Hungary that "Implant in Hungary."
Only the quote of Dr. Breier Clinic gave me satisfaction both in substance and in form: details, explanations, duration of the protocol, support, coaching etc ...
Telephone contact was also totally different from the other clinics
The care, guidance and support throughout treatment by a French assistant-translator of Doctor Breier is extremely important because this wizard (there are three) explains in detail before and the course of each care, he accompanies you during treatment, during and after the operation.

For me, it's me Clément supported: A / R airport, Clement ensures that, after and between the care that you do not suffer, reassures you, says you, accompanies you to the prosthetist if there is a doubt with the color of your future teeth, etc .... in short impossible to feel worried, but if you happen you are going through a moment of fatigue and / or doubt, kindness, pedagogy and the psychology of Clément you will recharge your batteries.

During your care, you are still one or two other French patients, it allows you to exchange and share. The feeling of everyone is the same: professionalism, dexterity and impressive efficiency of Doctor Breier!
The quote was telling me a one-year protocol of care, everything has been perfectly respected, perfect care and great honesty. No abuse or attempt to add care and inflate the bill.

I returned on Friday delighted my new teeth are perfect, I have no pain and I have a moral steel, which was not the case when I visited for the first time at the clinic.
I thank the Doctor Breier for his talent, and his assistant Eva Clement course because without it I would not have addressed this long process as hassle.


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Care received
  • bridge
  • extraction-de-teeth
  • -bone graft
  • implant
  • dental prosthesis
Number of implants placed
16000 €
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