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October 20, 2012
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Staff hygiene and cleanliness
Organization (living, planning of care ...)
Polite and patient communication
Quality care and modern facilities
Price / quality ratio

great implantologist

After prior consultation in several clinical, I decided to that of Dr. Breier.
I was particularly motivated by the good reception given to patients by Clement who holds admirably. Once in the clinic itself, I was able to realize its modernity and the seriousness of his implantologist who exerts since 25 years. His professional career, among other his master spent in Germany (I am of German origin) put me at ease.
The first contact was followed 3 months later, the implants placed in the mouth (in the upper jaw 6, 1 in the lower jaw with sinus lift the two senior sides.
This intervention leaves you bloated with blue (for most patients), but this is only a detail and it disappears rather quickly.
It was necessary, then wait at least 6 months to finish the job.

I returned in February after almost 2014 7 months. The second part was a little less enjoyable for me because more painful than the first. Especially since Dr Breier me curettage to save the teeth of the lower jaw. But these were quickly forgotten some pain after laying of final implants are aesthetic greatly facilitates chewing and who forget the unpleasant impression left by a usual denture in the mouth.

To summarize all of my impressions, I would say that Dr. Breier is a very serious implantologist, experienced and efficient having the concern to do the best for the patient. And it is in this sense- where Clémént, too, is committed for the benefit of the French entrusted to it
In addition, the clinic houses these patients at an inn nearby where the owners are charming and attentive to their customers. Clement, he led people to the airport in Budapest, the apartment and the small organization their worries are completely spared.

It is a very positive overall, well-led care I can only advise to claiming to implementation in Hungary.

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Care received
  • crown
  • extraction-de-teeth
  • -bone graft
  • implant
8000 €
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