Going abroad to heal can not be improvised. The practice has become common, and safe, but it will remain a medical act. That is why we will give you 5 tips for a successful medical tourism and avoid pitfalls.

1 - Inquire beforehand

It is important to invest time prior to the medical procedure to inquire. On one hand, you need to learn about the act itself. For example, if you have dental implant needs. Discover what are the techniques applied, the means by which you can reduce your bill without reducing the quality of care, is that these treatments are relocated? There are many aspects to consider.

Second, you'll need to research the proponents institutions that care. Whether care in France or abroad, ask about the quality of the equipment, the physician's experience, the opinions of patients who used the doctor. The recent example of Dentexia in France shows that this step is crucial. The French firm focused solely on profitability at the expense of quality of care and over 1,000 patients suffered from unfinished or poorly done treatments. For reviews of foreign clinics, please visit Kelclinic.com.

2 - To produce quotes

Once you have taken all this information, it is time to produce quotes. It is often at this stage that patients are seriously considering going abroad for care. A quote for dental implants will be on average € 1,250 in France by implant. Do not settle for a quote or two in France, compare with a dental clinic in Hungary for example. You should get quotes until 60% less for services and similar quality. To achieve these specifications, Kelclinic.com can help.

3 - Choose the doctors that we will meet

You now have the quote in hand and information about various doctors and clinics. First choose whether you want to do the operation in France, or if you are ready to make you care abroad. Once decided this element, take the time to choose who you will meet. Do not hesitate to ask for multiple quotes and once there to visit several clinics to choose the one you feel most comfortable.

4 - Organize your trip

If you have decided to treat you in France, this passage does not concern you. If you want to treat you abroad. This step is crucial. Organise your journey is as important as achieving it. Choose your plane tickets, make sure you have days off, book a hotel, invest in a guide book, remember to on-site activities. In short, organize yourself as if you go on vacation. Doing it all upstream will give you peace of mind once there, and you will get the best of care abroad, the combination of a good deal and enjoyable holiday together. If you need advice, feel free to ask to those who have made similar trips before you. There are many forums and Kelclinic.com can put you in contact with some people, just ask.

5 - Bringing order in its insurance

Health insurance will cover you that care is in France or abroad. often the cheaper care, this represents a significant saving for the French health system. Also remember to update your insurance for coverage to be optimal, and make sure they take the expenses abroad supported. Again, this is often already included because it allows them to save money. But you pull it from doubt to get treatment abroad calmly.

You now know the 5 essential steps to prepare you for your medical tourism abroad. Notice that the only difference with the preparation of care in France is organizing the trip that goes with it, and what could be more enjoyable than planning a trip abroad? Remember, to make sure you visit a good clinic and get the best quote, make calls Kelclinic.com.

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