Ask dental implants abroad, a question asked many people and an answer that too often suffer prejudice. We want you here to answer objectively, for you to make an informed choice!

The positives of dental implants abroad

- The first positive point is the price. Prime motivation to watch what is happening abroad. Ask dental implants in Hungary, Poland or Spain, it is much cheaper, even three times less for dental implants in Hungary.
- Next comes the operating conditions, they are identical to France. Dental surgeon trained in the same schools, speaking French and being subject to the same rules of European hygiene. What makes the quality / price of dental implants in Hungary unbeatable.
- Finally, another interest is tourism. The operation lasts only one hour typically for an implant. However, the dentist wants to control the risk of infection and plans to see you again soon after, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the city in which you are. (Budapest is much appreciated).

The bad dental implants abroad

- The distance is the main factor doubts. Make hundreds or even thousands of kilometers to have an operation can put uncomfortable some people who will not be in a familiar environment.
- However, the main negative is if complications. The fee to enter is more important to follow abroad than in France, and the savings are likely to switch to airplane tickets and hotels.
- Another risk identified is the one to fall on charlatans that promise exceptional service while they make a poor quality work.

What we think of placing dental implants abroad

It is a good idea, the negatives are important, and we now have companies that allow bypass.
- Falling on a charlatan? Impossible if you use service for example. verifies the opinions of patients and ensures you of the quality of clinical.
- Losing your profits because of a complication? Possible, but this is very rare. Very often complications in the short term are the rependues and are benign, so the surgeon performing the process are followed a few days later. A longer-term complication may be the "rejection" of the implant. And that you have arrived in France as elsewhere. This is when your implant does not permanently take the bone. Again, the cases are very rare.
- Do not you feel comfortable as far from home? We recommend you to go on site before committing all operations, make a pre visit (this is very common), and take time to appreciate the context and the team as to whether you will be able to undergo an operation.

All these means can significantly reduce the negative points of the dental implants abroad. They do not affect the positive side, however, these brokerage firms like can help you even more, going even seek quotes to get the best price.

We hope you have a better idea of ​​placing dental implants abroad to make your choice, please continue to inform you on our website.

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