Over the past decade, medical tourism has experienced very strong growth. Today, more than 60 000 French travel each year to Hungary to receive dental care from simple dental surgery to complete implants. Competition has increased significantly, the quality of care has improved and new services make life easier and easier for patients. New business practices of Hungarian dental offices are no exception! For new customers, they are always willing to more for patients! And that's a good thing for all those who have dental needs.

Express the close consultations weekend patients

Need a quote to redo your teeth? No worries, you simply make an appointment with your dentist for a Hungarian medical visit during the weekend. The practitioner does not have the right to practice in France, he rented a room at the French border, in Switzerland or Belgium. Thus, it can examine your mouth, making a medical procedure to refine its estimate, and use specialized equipment to ensure the operation to be conducted. As a customer, you do not have to fly to get to Budapest and get a firm quotation on site. A few hours drive, you can consult the doctor who practically comes to you. This is a big economy and a sharp reduction in risk taking on the part of the patient. As for the dentist, it is for him an opportunity to significantly expand its catchment areas and can bring more customers to Budapest.

Other benefits of these new business methods? Follow up!

Having his Hungarian dentist who travels regularly to the French border at the weekend, this represents another advantage for those returning operation in Hungary ... Monitoring. Often criticized by the French dentists as the Achilles heel of care abroad, monitoring will not be a problem if you can see your doctor more easily in case of consecutive problem to a dental operation. For those who see a doctor regularly making the trip, they might even perhaps reduce the duration of their stay in Hungary for light wounds. Which would make the competition even more fierce Hungarian for French dentists, and more attractive to consumers.

Beware of fraudsters, no Hungarian consultation on French soil!

However, we must remain cautious. If a Hungarian dentist offers consultation, even faster on French soil. Or if a French firm sends you in Hungary ... It is strictly forbidden by French law and these firms are likely to be written off. so be careful and enjoy the proximity of consultations ephemeral firms who come near the French border in Switzerland or Belgium. To ensure the quality of the cabinet, check its opinions on the internet, and do not hesitate to use the services of Kelclinic.com will seek quotes for free from clinical whose reputation has been independently verified .

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