This is a trend that made the past few months on the major chains like TF1 BFM Business ... Tout le monde en parle! Even the Court of Auditors has examined the main reasons for this trend, and the finding for France is scathing, our dental system drift. We thought we were safe with our social security system called "advanced", but we now know the same through the US system or closer to home, the British system. the excess fees, lack of transparency, disengagement of the state ...

Seeking profits and the disengagement of the state are primarily responsible

In the viewfinder of the Court of Auditors in the report on "oral care" exceedances of fees of dentists that are too high and which account for more than half of their income. But dentists are not the only targets, public policy is considered failed deal with health professionals, and the disengagement of the state are two aggravating factors. The same report describes the oral health status of French as "poor".

The limits of mutual forced to seek new solutions

The establishment of mutual aid the French patients, but they also limit expenses with a maximum number of implants per year. Or if you need to redo your mouth, following an accident, a health problem or another. This is rarely one or two implants you need. And invoice Easy flight despite the help of mutual and can reach up to more than 30 000 euros for dental care. This is why many French are looking for more affordable solutions financially. If we accumulate the help of the State which supports approximately 33% of the costs, and using mutual taking on average 39% of the costs for their dependents (for mutual good), there is not less than 28% borne by the patient. This implies that an implant of 2 000 € will cost € 540 a patient from his pocket on average. When it comes to redo several teeth at a time ... It is not possible financially for too many French who give dental care in France.

Dental tourism takes off and created a new ecosystem

With the need to find more economical solutions, the French are turning increasingly to Hungary, Spain and Poland to find less expensive dental care. They are tens of thousands every year to make the journey and to trust firms that specialize in this niche. The business has become so important that a new ecosystem of companies and start-ups born. For example, helps individuals to check the veracity of internet opinion independently and helps you to get quotes for free. Dental tourism agencies will assist you to organize your entire trip customized to suit your needs ... and we will not name any other businesses that are born and provide services to these new customers.

The arguments of the French dentists falls apart

To say that French prices are higher for the service and quality of care, today this is no longer true. With the development of a network of low-cost, Hungarian dentist is not so far geographically than thirty years. And that same Hungarian dentist could study dentistry in France or Germany in the best medical universities in Europe. It therefore has the same qualifications, experience and even speak our language. And these new firms multiply new business methods and services to attract new patients each year, making them increasingly attractive compared to our French dentists ...

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