We currently have a concrete example in France of people who have suffered damage to their smile because they have not indicated before being treated. Yes, in France, indeed in the country and not abroad. History has not made the headlines, but it dominated the Kelclinic.com whose mission is to inform patients wishing to be treated abroad. Kelclinic.com informs reviews, quotes and the best clinics of foreign countries for these services, such as Hungary, Spain, Poland, Turkey ...

Dentexia is originally cabinet scandal. Their search for profits led the firm to focus on the financial aspect to human, and many people want health care or dental implants have suffered too quickly performed operations without monitoring worthy of care they deserved. Justice will take the order, but kelclinic.com allows you to avoid such an event to happen to you outside if you decide to go.

We'll take the time to explain what you should look for in a customer testimonial and why?

1 - Customer satisfaction is essential

Satisfaction represents many factors, it is the first indicator that you need to look. It is very often a combination of all the other elements that will be studying closely thereafter. Does the tone is joyful? The customer says that he is satisfied explicitly? He recommends the doctor and the clinic? A positive opinion "courtesy" does not necessarily mean that the customer is satisfied. These opinions should be considered neutral.

2 - The reason for the procedure and the technique used by the physician

Then verify that the patient speaks well of a similar response to the one you want to have. Some doctors specialize in one area or a specific technique. Make sure it meets your expectations. Even if the doctor is very good, it may not give you satisfaction. For example, if you need dental care, make sure it is specialized in the placement of dental implants if this is what you want. If you have hair care needs, ensure that practical method you think is most suited to your needs, FUT, FUE or Mini Punch. Search technical terms that meet your medical needs.

3 - The welcome and the proximity will improve your healing

Some opinions will be highly technical, while others are more "sentimental". It is important that you feel welcomed and you feel the medical team near you. Look for the feelings of patients who share these medical opinions. A patient feels well, is a patient cured better and faster, so that atmosphere is important to you.

4 - The monitoring of a patient, it is a strong brand quality

A key factor in the success of operations, the monitoring of the patient by the same doctor throughout the process. This means that you must see before the operation for preparing the same doctor operate on you, and then it will always be present after surgery to make sure you heal properly and intervene if you need extra care. Look for testimonials where people speak only of a single doctor. Check if many doctors are stipulated they do not have the same specialty, it is a sign of quality.

5 - A doctor recommended is not necessarily bad

Some opinions are very settled vis-à-vis the operation they have suffered. Make sure the person gives an objective and founded opinion. Some clinics receive criticism for items that you seem totally futile. Take the time to choose your criteria, and choose a doctor that best meets your expectations according to testimony that matter to you.

Make the right choice, ask Kelclinic.com check the review for you.

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