The 17 March TF1 presented us a short documentary on dental clinics in Hungary and medical tourism in French. Much of the story is faithful to reality but plays on the fears of viewers ... So we decided to put some order and tell you what TF1 does not say.

Good mutual support dental implants (and also secu)

Marie-Ange stated that she has a very good mutual but does not support dental implants ... The mutual is not adapted to its needs, many mutual support placing dental implants France, and even these mutuals still pay you more fees if you are doing treatment in Hungary. And social security and mutual prefer that you receive cheaper treatment because the basis of repayment also allows them to save money.

Consultation and surgery on ... It's rare!

It is rare that the practitioner takes charge you immediately after the first consultation. The first step is to provide a quote, you need to accept. Dentists can provide you with rates of approximations when the consultation is remote, but no official estimate as you are not on site in their offices. Most will give you a quote on the spot corresponding to the charges announced at the start and tailored according to your specific case. Once the quote is accepted, the practitioner will begin operations, but these will take place over several days. In particular, the time to create the implants fit your mouth. So do not panic, you will not enter an unknown firm to receive immediate surgery.

Doctors are trained in France and French

TF1 tells us that Marie-Ange meets a French doctor, they fail to state that the doctor has certainly been trained in France. Many Hungarian dentists are trained in France or Germany, where their language skills, and excellent skill level. There is no distinction between the Hungarian dentists and French dentists in training.

The problems are low return

The French dentists warn against the problems to return to the report. They are right, if you have a problem, your Hungarian dentist is thousands of kilometers away and can not respond quickly. But remember that the problems and failures of dental implants poses are rare in France, as in Hungary.

Hungarian practitioners are monitoring

Moreover, contrary to what the report suggests, the Hungarian dentists doing important followed by their clients. On the one hand, they ask that the patient remains near often the first fifteen days of operation to manage problems of scarring or abscesses are the most common. But also to detect and prevent any other problems before returning to France. Also, they will certainly ask the patient to return to Hungary to follow up of dental implants, and verify that the outlet of the implant into the jaw of the bones is carried out correctly.

The report essentially contained truths, such as reducing costs for patients coming to Budapest, the opportunity to mingle and travel services, and enjoy like a real tourist. And the services are multiplying to choose the dentist or travel package that suits. In all cases, we recommend you use the services of They will give you access to opinions of patients checked for you to make your choice service seamlessly.


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