Reimbursement of dental care by health insurance is really not at the level of contributions. It is recognized, with the glasses, it is the major weakness of the French system.

The rate under agreement by the social security system for a dental crown is 107,48 euros, reimbursement by the Health insurance thus amounts to EUR 75,23. The actual rate applied by dentists may vary between 200 and 750 euros.

The solution for those who have the need to have an operation heavily, poses with several dental crowns, for example, is to seek treatment abroad. There Hungary is recognized as the leading destination dental care for several decades and the trend accelerates. Germans, Swiss, Austrians are used for more than 40 years. And the quality of care is excellent.

These treatments, in addition to their quality, are generally twice cheaper than those in France. And good news such care you can be reimbursed on the basis of the French rate. Also, if you have a mutual health, you can ask him to pay his share as agreed in your contract of insurance.

Reimbursement of dental care by your CPAM match 70% of the amounts indicated.

List of reimbursements not limited dental care:

Dental procedure / product Basic compulsory scheme (RO)
Crown porcelain fused to metal on natural tooth 107,50 €
Crown porcelain fused to metal on dental implant 64,50 €
Zirconia crown 107,50 €
Temporary crown 0,00 €
Ceramic Veneers 0,00 €
Inlaycore metal or ceramic 122,55 €
Removable denture € 182,75 311,75 metal base plate with €
Dental, surgery
Devitalisation incisor or canine 33,74 €
Devitalized premolar 48,20 €
Molar root canal 81,94 €
Extraction 33,44 € (the 1ère, following € 16,72)
Dermal sinus 0,00 €
Periodontal curettage 0,00 €
Panoramic Radio 27,93 €
scaling 28,92 €


So, for you to pay your dental care performed abroad, follow these steps:

  • tell your insurance fund at least 15 days before departure disease (3646 call or log on to ameli your account) And ask your European health insurance card (if you have not already) to facilitate your access to care,
  • Then fillS3125 formThen you send to your health insurance fund,
  • attach the original dental panoramic radios before and after care
  • attach the bills with writing in French "The amount paid ..."With the health center of the stamp and finally the details of care: Dental acts, No. of teeth treated, amounts, according to the French codification General Nomenclature of Professional Acts (NGAP)
  • Keep receipts for payment after each treatment step (ticket credit card, bank statement if cash payment), they may be requested
  • Invoice airline tickets and other bills stating your stay.

Usually, dental clinics abroad help you in your efforts, ask them during your first trade.

Successive French governments are reluctant to enforce European directives, sometimes even be illegal. Do not be surprised at the lack of any information to your contacts to your health insurance company, or their zeal on your record. The opening of competition in the healthcare market is a taboo subject in France because it would require to make efforts to better organize the French system that seems increasingly out of breath.

The European Commission had to provide incentives against France for several cases of non-payment of care in another Member State. Many French patients still bear witness to their difficulties in repayment. Do not hesitate to speak with the head of the international department of your CPAM.