4 benefits with medical tourism agencies:

  • One contact

The convenience of being able to choose and access information on a variety of destinations, hospitals, procedures and services. You can enter the medical tour operator of the website and request a quote for a particular procedure to several different hospitals and clinics, and then choose which one best meets your needs and budget. Additionally, once you've made your choice, the facilitator of medical tourism usually take care of all the travel logistics such as flights, accommodation and transportation.


  • Established relationships with clinics

Medical tourism agencies, at least in theory, have already done the groundwork to ensure that your chosen clinic and the doctor are accredited / in order to perform. Finally, they have already visited the clinic chosen and are already lapped to arrange medical tourism trip.

  • No language or cultural barrier

Contact some international clinics can be difficult due to time zone differences, language barriers and cultural differences. As mentioned above, medical tourism agencies already have good contacts and are lapped.

  • More attractive prices

This is not always the case but some medical tourism agencies negotiate discounts with clinical partners. Ask about fees and agencies, added to clinical costs, get an idea of ​​the quote we offer you!


3 risks with medical tourism agencies:

  • Service quality can vary greatly from a medical tourism agency to another

Medical tourism agencies come in all shapes and sizes, and, looking at their websites, it is difficult to accurately determine the true scope and quality of services offered.

  • Favor certain clinical and destinations

Medical tourism agencies do not have the time or resources to visit all the destinations of medical tourism or work with thirty different international institutions. They must choose wisely from among a limited number - always described as "the best". Naturally, you will be directed to the medical establishment and others do not - even if they are not necessarily the best for your particular needs.

  • You may have to pay more

Medical tourism facilitators offer much comfort but must earn a good living. This will usually be by a commission, service charges, or both.