1. Speak National Council of the Order of Doctors that will give you the addresses of specialists near your home.

2. Once scheduled appointment, the doctor must listen and learn about the operation, operative, postoperative care and price. He shall in no case you convaincre.

3. Talk to people who have already undergone the same operation.

4. Beware of gimmicks advertising campaigns.

5. A high price does not warrant that the operation will necessarily be successful.

6. The operations are done in a hospital setting and not in offices in town.

7. Beware of operations performed abroad at low prices. Ask about the scene, the qualification of surgeons and your remedies for glitches. Do not hesitate to visithttp://www.kelclinic.com/avis-cliniques-de-chirurgie-esthetiqueto read patient testimonials (s) of cosmetic surgery clinics.