5 the commandments of medical tourism

1. Look, you ask It is easy to choose your destination using solely on word-of-mouth or advertising. But there are only three things that will help you make the right decisions. This is research, research and more research. After all, a lot of money, time and, most importantly, your health is concerned. Start by gathering information on the nature of your illness and the ins and outs of your treatment. Be sure to ask about the country of destination, the potential for clinical treatment, doctors, qualifications and accreditations.


2. Shop around: It is very important to make an informed decision. We should not stop at the first medical tourism provider you encounter. Get quotes from clinics and medical tourism agencies. Compare the costs of treatment.

3. Managing your money: Do not be short of money on arrival in the destination country. Buying local currency in advance. Make arrangements with travelers checks and credit cards déplafonnez ... Visa and MasterCard are accepted worldwide. You can also request a limit increase ...

4. Keep your local doctor in the loop : Tell him your decision to travel for treatment and also ask her advice. Local doctor you may have some relevant advice and can help you make a decision. You may also need his help before surgery to prepare your health records and follow up care.

5. Prepare all relevant documents : Keep all your medical records, your medical history, passport and VISA day in sight and within reach. The medical records and prescriptions will include the utmost importance to your doctor when finalizing the planning of care.