Here 20 important questions to ask the surgeon or dentist if you are planning to have treatment abroad.

1. What are your qualifications and where can I check?
2. Do you have a specialty and where can I verify this information?
3. What are the treatment options you offer me?

4. How many times have you done this procedure?
5. What is your success rate?
6. Are there side effects or risks associated with the procedure?
7. What are the postoperative infection rate in your clinic?
8. How would the clinic if an emergency after serious complications were to occur during the procedure?
9. What should I expect immediately after the surgery? For example, will I feel pain, have bruising, swelling?
10. At what stage of treatment will I be able to judge the initial results of the treatment?
11. What type of care will I need after treatment?
12. How long will I stay abroad until I was well enough to go home?
13. What happens if I am not satisfied with the treatment or if there are complications after surgery?
14. Who will pay for the curative treatment (corrective treatment) and the associated costs?
15. Can you put me in touch with some of your former patients?
16. How will I communicate with doctors, dentists, nurses and other health professionals involved in my care?
17. In what language my medical notes they are written?
18. Who can I contact for advice once I'm back home?
19. Does the doctor, clinic or hospital are they insured?
20. What happens if I change my mind at the last minute?

This list is just the beginning. Once you start doing your research, you can have many more questions. Enjoy as patient testimonials published on

If you can not get satisfactory answers to all your questions, you ask si'l is wise to continue ...

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