Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

  • Healing after FUE

    FUE (for "follicular unit extraction"), this is the best procedure to restore the scalp and one that healing time is the shortest. A large majority of patients want their hair transplantation is undetectable in the eyes of their relatives and the general public. The question of how long it would take to be able to make new social activities is the main concerns of patients. Generally, maximum 2-3 weeks is sufficient to become "socially acceptable".

    In some cases, the donor area may show skin redness similar to a sunburn, but does not require the need to use creams or other products sold in pharmacies to hide or limit the appearance of the rash.

  • Hair Transplant clinics reviews

    A hair transplant is only possible if the hair loss is not pathological cause. In case you are not affected by disease, which must be confirmed by a dermatologist, hair loss progression that follows an individual can be classified according to the scale of Norwood (baldness classification). There will always be a number of hair on the crown of each people for the rest of their lives with permanent follicles. Due to the genetic predisposition of the roots of this area, they are not affected by hair loss. This happens to every person male.

    During the hair restoration procedure, follicles taken from the donor area are relocated to the bald area (or less dense) of the scalp.

    The growth of hair follicular units (FU)

    Since the technical term "follicular units" (FU) is regularly used for modern hair restoration, it is important to know that the hair always grows in follicular units ("grafts"). Each unit or root derived scalp consists of at 1 4 / 5 hair depending on the individual predisposition.

    Follicular units

    The modern technique of hair transplant is to use internally displaced during the follicular units transplant procedures. The main purpose is to create a natural appearance to make any undetectable hair transplant. Therefore, it is very important to transplant single follicular units that can be strategically placed in the region of the balding scalp. To give a natural and undetectable appearance, experts hair restoration will only transplant follicular units consisting of a single hair in the target area.

    Hair Transplant - hair transplantation methods

    Currently, two extraction methods are widely used for hair transplant:

    1. FUT (strip transplantation)
    2. FUE method (follicular unit extraction).

    After extraction, each follicular unit is individually prepared to be replanted in the scalp. The preliminary preparation of FU makes it easier to create very fine openings and thereby reduce healing time while having a higher density.

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  • Hair transplantation: where do grafted cheaper?

    We tried to make a comparison of the first hair transplant rates in France, FUE method.

    The first thing that strikes us is that the rates are not easy to have and it is difficult to know what they include or not in service. We left on a basis of 3000 grafts sometimes that amount is not mentioned on practitioners sites.

    This comparative table is indicative, if you complete the simply contact us.

    France Dr Pascal P. Grangé 4 euro per graft € 12 000  
    France Dr. Bernard Sillam   € 11 400  
    France and Switzerland Dr. Jean-Luc COHEN   € 11 000  
    France Dr Thierry Fontaine   € 9 900  
    Switzerland LACLINIC Montreux - Dr. Michel E. Pfulg € 8 594  
    France Dr Gérald Franchi MD   € 8 500  
    France Clinic Challenghair   € 8 100  
    Switzerland Dr. Daniel P. Espinoza   € 8 000  
    France Champs Elysees Clinic   € 8 000 € 9 000
    Switzerland Feel Well Centre   € 6 206  
    France Dr. Gerard Boutboul   € 6 000  
    France Dr. Eric Bouhanna   € 6 000  
    France Dr Bertrand Joly   € 6 000  
    France Dr. Yohann Derhy   € 6 000 € 7 000
    Mauritius Dr. Carpanen   € 5 000  
    Switzerland Dr. Conradin von Albertini   € 4 500  
    France Dr. Patrick PATURAL   € 4 100  

    It is unclear whether the consultations are included or not, as well as anesthesia, monitoring, etc.

  • History of Hair Transplant

    The history of hair transplantation began in 1931 in France, where the French surgeon Passot moved some hair of a hairy area to a bald area, creating what was later regarded as the first hair transplant.

    In 1939, a Japanese researcher, Dr. Okuda, published its findings in a medical journal about his technique of insertion of small hair grafts via the bite of switcher receiver who had defects in the eyebrows. This publication was lost during World War II and later discovered in the 1970 years.

    Dr. Norman Orentrich, a New York dermatologist and researcher foreground reinvented the hair transplant process 1956. At that time, he did experimental work on skin grafts, and noticed that hair transplants performed in rose after.

    In 1970 years, many doctors have begun to hair transplants, to areas of 4 mm, round taken from the donor area at the back of the head to the top of the head. Unfortunately, many doctors tended to the plant more or less like trees so it was easy to notice the recipient areas on top of the head and, of course, this produced an unsightly natural.

    Since then, progress has meant that they are more bands "scalped" skull (FUT) method but small grafts taken one by one (FUE) and then positioned on the recipient area. Painless and quick, this technique makes the success of many clinics around the world. Turkey, Hungary, Switzerland, France ... the choice is no shortage, rates may soar doubled with no real explanation. It is therefore appropriate to request quotes from several renowned hair transplant clinics.

  • Hair implants, why testimonials are essential?

    Need hair implants? Baldness is watching you and you intend to take action? This is certainly a very good decision on your part, but before finalizing your choice of a clinic or a doctor, you should seek advice from patients who have calls to their services. Reviews will help you avoid unpleasant encounters and make an informed choice.

  • Hair loss, inevitable?

    Men and women are affected by loss of hair today. Be suffering from baldness often produces adverse effects on human psychology, loss of self-confidence, sense of premature old age, some feel more nervous and others will even depression. People who become bald have two types of reactions, either they take it as inevitable, or they fight hair loss.

    Why you lose your hair?

    The reasons for capillary depletion can be many, for some it is genetic, others from the treatment of cancer. But it can also come from a thyroid disorder or iron deficiency, particularly in women. This is why it is important to talk with your doctor to determine the cause and act first on this evil. If hair loss appears irreparable, it must then deal directly.

  • Top 10 countries to heal cheaper

    10. Turkey

    Whatever surprising as it may sound, Turkey is one of the most popular in the world. There are many well-trained and experienced doctors, medical staff speaks English, and the medical system is well known for welcoming tourists. In addition, any medical technology and facilities meet strict quality standards set by the Turkish government.

    Procedures commonly sought: Cosmetic surgery, hair transplants, eye surgeries.

    9. Thailand

    One of the most popular tourist destinations and cheap in the world is also a famous destination for health tourism.

  • Medical Tourism in Turkey

    Turkey has emerged as a leading destination for hair transplant, says the RNCOS in its recent report "Turkey Medical Tourism Outlook 2017". With the growing acceptance of medical tourism, people who need hair transplant and hair loss treatment considering a treatment abroad as a low cost option. Since 2005, the number of tourists to Turkey for hair transplantation has increased at a rapid pace.

    The main reason is that it is a preferred destination for hair transplant: quality treatment at an affordable price. The cost of transplantation in Turkey is about one third that of Europe. In addition to providing treatment for a lower price, Turkey has also changed the method of treatment: the FUE method bloodless, painless, non-surgical and transparent. Therefore, the surgery can be performed more quickly since it is not necessary to remove the skin.However, hair transplant patients come mostly from Arab countries.

    In addition to hair transplant, the report also highlights other emerging segments for medical tourism such as dentistry, cosmetic surgery, treatment of infertility, eye treatment, etc.

  • Transplantation of follicular unit method FUE

    The FUE method allows the extraction of a single unit without reducing the elasticity of the skin ... which often occurs with FUT-hair restoration method. The grafts are removed one by one during the FUE method.

    The surgeon uses a small round punch to extract a follicular unit of a dense area (donor) to be implanted in a bald area (recipient). The special punch used in the method FUE allows the surgeon to remove hair without causing damage. The small round scars at the donor site quickly heal and are mostly hidden by longer hair in the area.

    Benefits of hair transplantation FUE method

    There are several advantages to the process FUE:

    • No visible scars.
    • The patient can wear a short hair cut after the hair transplant.
    • Rapid recovery of hair growth and healing time shorter because of a minimum of simple extraction units.
    • No numbness around the donor area.
    • No reduction in the elasticity of the skin.
    • No unnecessary discomfort.

    The transplant procedure using FUE hair restoration process is, of course, longer than the FUT because manual removal of individual grafts. But with a good experience (about 10 years) and know-how accumulated over the years, practitioners are able to transplant more than 2000 grafts in one day.

    Be aware that the patient's head will be shaved before the procedure to create better access to follicular units. Consequently, the FUE method is more expensive than FUT method.

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  • Transplantation of follicular unit method FUT

    This method is also called one of the "strips" for these follicular units transplanted bands.

    Thus, a wide strip of hair follicles from the donor area is removed with a scalp and then inserted into the formerly bare areas.

    • Advantage: a very good price because the elimination is rapid.
    • Disadvantage: a scar remains and have to be hidden by being covered with long hair. It can also occur for some time a little unpleasant sensations on the skin, but they disappear with time.

    Use of the FUT method is less because the FUE is more discreet.

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