Make your customers smile and you can count on their trust.

  1. Collect feedback to discover what patients really think of your clinic.
  2. Attract new profitable customers by proving your reliability.
  3. Build a relationship with your customers so that they return again and again.
  4. Help your new customers to broadcast their opinions to their friends

Gather feedback effortless to find out what your customers think.

Patients opinions are a great way to boost your reputation and establish a relationship of trust. According to studies, 86% of us trust the opinions posted by consumers online. If your patients are satisfied, they will tell the world of free and fair manner. But for that, they need a place to express themselves: Kelclinic gives them that space.

If your patients have trouble with the computer tool, we propose to download our printable form template. Once filled with your patients, find it on Kelclinic and send us scanned or photographed by email so that we can confirm this testimony.

Attract new customers by making attention proof.

Internet can be scary: before getting out their credit card, customers must trust you. Your score on Kelclinic is an indication that represents what your clients think of you. Display this score on your website using the badge Kelclinicand increase the contact numbers. Search engines love Kelclinic, and Google uses our score to create the reputation of stars in its search results, which also allow you to reduce your costs of web marketing campaigns.

Focus on your customer relationships to retain.

Through the evaluations submitted by your patients, you can instantly see what they think of your practice, allowing you to identify exactly what needs to be improved.

Help your new customers to make known their views.

Excellent service establishes trust while providing the basis of advertising by word of mouth. Using Kelclinic, you transform your patients ambassadors who will take care of promoting your service to the public, so that more people know about your clinic.

We offer a range of services to help you discover what your patients think, to attract new ones and make them ambassadors of your clinic.
We will be by your side when you are ready (e) to get you started.

Patients opinions are word of mouth initiators, that is to say a number of important vector deal if patients are satisfied, or a significant threat if patients are dissatisfied. Although it should be noted that the concept of word of mouth is still on the Internet, especially through social networks, the fact remains that the reviews posted online are essential.

In customer relations, we often speak of the famous statistic satisfied customer who speaks to 3 of his friends, while the dissatisfied client talks to 11. With guest reviews on the internet, it's different because a user shares his opinion on the whole planet, although this does not prevent him from sharing his notices to friends or family (cf. social networks ). The message therefore has a longer life than the ephemeral counter discussion.

Here 4 reasons why you need to prove to you today to collect opinions of patients with Kelclinic to grow your business.

Reason 1: build an online reputation on search engines

The internet at its information search, is very suspicious of new sites, it will often inquire online to check the seriousness of the clinic. For this, a simple key word "notice +" on Google will allow it to make a quick opinion on you. That is why online reputation mainly through search engines.

What happens to you if it can not find anything on you? He deduced that you do not exist (few customers so distrust). What happens to you if it is negative opinions about you? He deduced that you are unreliable. What happens if he does not find you review? He deduced that you are not transparent and that you are hiding something.

In all cases, it will not be trusted because it is necessarily abnormal to have no opinion online customers.

Reason 2: show the satisfaction of its patients on its website

Having opinions of his patients published online allows to build online reputation for your clinic, but especially to use these notices to your customers interested users. So it becomes a formidable marketing weapon. In fact, most online retailers displayed in their shop their customer satisfaction, as overall rating or by posting notices published. Why not do the same for your clinic?

But the Internet is not fooled, he wish to check the veracity of the note by viewing the source of the note. Therefore it is essential to collect opinions of patients, in order to display them on your website using thebadge KelclinicDirectly on the pages of your clinic.

Once you have collected a minimum volume of view, you can choose different strategic locations to reassure your visitors by posting an average score or a selection of opinion on the homepage of your site, the header / top menu, on the rates page or in your form.

Reason 3: get the stars on Google

Have you ever heard of "Google Seller Ratings"? This system allows Google to retrieve patients notice and display them directly on the Google results in the form of stars.

So if you do not collect your mind, you are depriving yourself of a significant visibility on SERPs, what is more free.

Reason 4:not dependent clients and negative opinions risking bad buzz

If you have currently no reviews patient, and if you do not collect your mind, then it is sufficient that one of your patients dissatisfied publishes a notice one day ... and 100% of your patients will notice negative! Yes, 1 100% opinion is here, because ultimately the average user will consult the sole opinion to form an opinion. This therefore means that the faster you collect opinions (positive and negative), the sooner you will reduce the impact of a negative opinion. Indeed, if you 100 guest reviews with an average rating of 8,5 / 10, a negative opinion 2 / 10 will have a low impact on your average.

And with Kelclinic you can publicly respond to patient testimonials. Thank patients for their testimony and bring a little more, a little precision, if the testimony advanced a criterion for improvement.

We offer a range of services to help you discover what your patients think, to attract new ones and make them ambassadors of your clinic.
We will be by your side when you are ready (e) to get you started. Contact Us.

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